Bathampton Cashmeres

Cashmere Australia

WHat is australian Cashmere?

Cashmere is the softest of the commercially available textile fibres. It is used to make luxurious knitted or woven clothing.

 Australian cashmere is softer than cashmeres from other origins. This is because it has lower curvature, that is a technical term that means it is less crinkled. At the same fineness, Australian cashmere is softer and therefore more luxurious. 

We have been breeding cashmeres at Bathampton since 1982. Our herd is generally finer, lower curvature, higher yielding, heavier bodyweight and more productive than other Australian herds. 

 We're currently having about half a tonne of our Bathampton Cashmere dehaired down at Cashmere Connections. Fascinating times!